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Have Your Say:Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare John Dunn

Jul 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Campaigns (incl.) Grassroots, Community Board, Life
The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare has a three-year mandate to develop and implement solutions to promote the sustainability of child welfare in Ontario.
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  1. John F Dunn: Thanks to @Angela Brown for her comments to the Report on Sustainable Child Welfare. I am posting her comment here as it is of importance for people to know what to do rather than to just talk about it on Facebook. See the first comment below:

    John F Dunn
    ‎@Angela Brown: Teach them better investigation skills, learn how to overcome their biases. Stop confusing poverty with neglect, disability with incompetence, and ethnicity with abuse. Require all CAS front-line workers to be members of the social work college, and carry personal errors and omissions insurance. Disallow anonymous reports – parents, children, advocates should have access to their own files, make corrections or add things. Add Ombudsman oversight. Provide uniform guidelines for CAS to work under, as it seems they are all are different. Issues such as lying on affidavits, coercion of witnesses and so forth, as reported by various parties across Ontario, should be illegal and warrant immediate dismissal and possible civil and/or criminal liability. Return many of the programs they got rid of under Harris for the purposes of family preservation. Better supervision of kinship and foster care situations. Involvement by former wards, as well as by parent/clients of CAS on boards and oversight committees. These things are not unreasonable and would save lots of money and grief in the process, while still serving the public purpose of child protection.

    John F Dunn
    This is an excellent written submission that can be sent to your local MPP and CC’d to Andrea Horwath as Child Welfare Critic and to Sylvia Jones as the other child welfare critic (both mpps)

    Jack Justice
    YA GOTTA LIKE THE ONUS SHIFT > TRUTH BY OMISSION. HISTORICALLY giving money and power to the children’s aid societies has been proven it was like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.

    Miriam Mosaic
    yes getting organized and handling your case is essential and facebook does have people on it providing help, ideas, resources and encouragement .., record, get files organized, keep things in writing and a list of numbers (MP’s, CAS office,Ombusdman etc ) Thanks John for getting me going

    Anne Patterson
    The Ministry is under investigation – good!! I hope immigration connections and illegal baby brokering is investigated, contracts with Big Pharma and secret, illegal drug testing on kids, the filthy adoption industry and all of it too!!! Good news to me…….


  2. John F Dunn
    As Don J. Lester has been saying for 20 years, fighting the CAS’s is not going to bring change. Protesting in front of Ministry Offices is the way to go. If everyone would dedicate some time to protesting in front of Ministry Regional Offices or the Main Ministry Office in Toronto (maybe right before or after the Rally in August)

  3. A time has come through you …..John …the Corporation that has the power to apprehend children and answer to no-one will soon, very soon be held accountable …God-speed 2 you…..

  4. Angela Brown is so right … the Justice system can not be a true justice system if C.A.S. agents can stand in front of a Judge and for lack of a better word LIE …Any action that is based on a lie must be deemed illegal …. it is unimaginable to believe so little training can be given to such a vital postion as the protection of children…..2011 will prove to be the year CAS is taken to task….

  5. I have been duped by the CAS. We let several workers come in to our home to “help” our family and give us the tools we needed to succeed. Instead, they took our 15 year old son out of our home and placed in a home that is giving him more perks then he had here at home. This is going to make parenting him even harder when he returns home. I will be sending letters to managment of CAS, The Ontario Ombudsman and Laurel Broten. If anyone who reads this blog can give me some other names of people to send my concnerns to, it would really be appreciated. I am taking my life back and I refuse to live under the microscope of the CAS any longer!!!

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